Dipl.- Eng. Stefan Dick

Official expert for industrial valves & actuators in piping systems


(Nominated by the chamber of commerce,  IHK Bonn / Rhein-Sieg - Germany)


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List of references

(version: 01/2021)


Due to the fact, that all the expertises are strictly confidential I just refer to the content of the expertises and list them without details such as names, adresses etc.



GA = expertise on behalf of justice

PA = expertise on behalf of private customers

VG = expertise on behalf of assurance companies



· GA:  identification of know-how-transfer and unlicensed copies of products


· PA:  judgement of the execution of welding


· PA:  judgement of accuracy of the construction & design of a piping system


· PA:  judgement of quality of material in a piping system / medical plant.


· PA:  judgement concerning acceptability of valves in fermentation gas-plants.


· GA:  research of an valve/pump-combination in a jet-cutting system


· GA:  research of a valve construction


· GA:  research of a malfunction due to wrong mounting


· PA:  identifying of reasons for an uncontrolled pressure increase in a pressure vessel


· VG:  research and judgement concerning the construction of a piping system


· GA:  approval of an valve/actuator system for the acceptability at process parameters


· PA:  identification of assembly errors in a piping system


· GA:  research of leakages in a gas pipeline system


· GA:  judgment concerning acceptability of butterfly valves at process parameters;

          recommendations for corrections of defects


· PA:  checking of surface quality and judgement of acceptability at process



· VG:  judgement of the acceptability of  valves with process parameters in a gas



· PA:  identification of problems and recommendations of corrective actions

          desalination plant / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


· GA:  judgement of life cycles of a (valves) parts


· GA:  judgement of usability of adaptors for valve operations; life cycles